An analysis of the character roger chillingworth in the novel the scarlet letter

When Dimmesdale surprises the physician and climbs the scaffold to confess, Chillingworth knows the minister is about to escape him.

You burrow and rankle in his heart! His mental torture of the minister is his only reason for living; when his object is beyond reach, Chillingworth does, indeed cease to exist.

The Scarlet Letter

His hypothesis is that corruption of the body leads to corruption of the soul. He has found the man who wronged him, he can and has taken actions against him.

Perhaps this act can, to some degree, redeem the person whose sin was the blackest. Read an in-depth analysis of Roger Chillingworth. As a scientific investigator, he cold-heartedly and intellectually pursues his lab specimen. Because he is captured by Native Americans, he arrives in Boston belatedly and finds Hester and her illegitimate child being displayed on the scaffold.

His love of learning and intellectual pursuit attracts Dimmesdale. All his strength and energy -all his vital and ntellectual force- seemed at once to desert him; insomuch that he positively withered up, shrivelled away, and almost vanished from mortal sight, like an uprooted weed that lies in the sun.

It seems like he could either be her husband or the man she had her child with. Read an in-depth analysis of Pearl. This study of herbs and medicines later links his work to the "black medicine" and helps him keep his victim alive. But up to that epoch of my life, I had lived in vain.

Hawthorne writes, "He had begun an investigation, as he imagined, with the severe and equal integrity of a judge, desirous only of truth, even as if the question involved no more than the air-drawn lines and figures of a geometrical problem, instead of human passions, and wrongs inflicted on itself.

He has, indeed, spent his life as a lonely scholar, cutting himself off when necessary in the quest for knowledge from the world of other men. Your clutch is on his life, and you cause him to die daily a living death.

As a paragon of this group, Chillingworth lives in a world of scholarly pursuits and learning. The world had been so cheerless! In a moment of weakness, he and Hester became lovers.

For example, she quickly discerns the truth about her mother and Dimmesdale. He does, however, see his role in her downfall. Despite his role as governor of a fledgling American society, he very much resembles a traditional English aristocrat.

He was "kind, true, just, and of constant, if not warm affections. She equals both her husband and her lover in her intelligence and thoughtfulness. Although he will not confess it publicly, he is the father of her child.

His single-minded pursuit of retribution reveals him to be the most malevolent character in the novel. Notice the "chilliness" of his name. His commitments to his congregation are in constant conflict with his feelings of sinfulness and need to confess. In Chapter 14, she agrees with his description of what he used to be and counters with what he has become.

It seemed not so wild a dream … And so, Hester, I drew thee into my heart, into its innermost chamber, and sought to warm thee by the warmth in which thy presence made there! Notice going forward how this character has two personas: Her alienation puts her in the position to make acute observations about her community, particularly about its treatment of women.

Though the change in his nature, much like his moral decline, only arise hen he sets himself down the road leading to revenge.

She acknowledges her sin as her own, and she offers up the matter of her repentance to God rather than the townspeople.

Hester is passionate but also strong—she endures years of shame and scorn. He remains blind to the misbehaviors taking place in his own house: In the New World, men of learning were rare. Evan, Owl Eyes Staff "It was whispered, by those who peered after her, that the scarlet letter threw a lurid gleam along the dark passage-way of the interior Having just ended over a year of captivity by the Indians, his appearance is hideous, partly because of his strange mixture of "civilized and savage costume.

Because he married her when she was young and beautiful and then shut himself away with his books, he realizes that their marriage did not follow "the laws of nature. Hawthorne also uses Hester to show what has happened to Chillingworth in isolating himself from humanity. Once he comes to Boston, we see him only in situations that involve his obsession with vengeance, where we learn a great deal about him.

Dimmesdale is the only person standing up for Hester to keep quiet on the matter of who fathered her child.Unlike the other characters in the novel, Chillingworth is a man of science, not faith. Roger Chillingworth in the Scarlet Letter: Character Analysis & Overview Roger Chillingworth in the.

Roger Chillingworth Character Analysis BY MikeDMoon In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, the character of Roger Chillingworth was transformed from a well educated scholar into a fallen, unrighteous man. Roger Chillingworth was once kind, then becomes the symbol of vengeance, and finally becomes the personification.

Roger Chillingworth, unlike Hester and Dimmesdale, is a flat character.

Roger Chillingworth Character Analysis

While he develops from a kind scholar into an obsessed fiend, he is less of a character and more of a symbol doing the devil's bidding. Everything you ever wanted to know about Roger Chillingworth in The Scarlet Letter, The Scarlet Letter / Character Quotes / Roger Chillingworth / Roger Chillingworth.

BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis (Click the character infographic to download.) Oh, Chillingworth. Roger Chillingworth stands as one of the principle antagonists of American literature, a man whose spite spurs him to a mad pursuit of vengeance.

A thoroughly despicable character for most of “The Scarlet Letter,” Chillingworth nevertheless emerges as partially sympathetic, thanks to author.

Read expert analysis on character analysis in The Scarlet Letter. Owl Eyes. Browse Library; Blog; Sign In; Join; Search and Roger Chillingworth is Hester’s husband and the villain of the story. Character Analysis Examples in The Scarlet Letter: This line represents one of the most enduring themes of the novel.

Notice the characters.

An analysis of the character roger chillingworth in the novel the scarlet letter
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