An analysis of the puritan code in nathaniel hawthornes story the scarlet letter

These were all eventually dismissed but at the time the legality of the charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony itself was in question in Parliament.

Undoubtedly, the squaws were not kind. May, however, was probably one of the first to make use of sea weed, such as kelp for fertilizer; that material sounds better for plant food than pussy cats.

As the ice went away, the bare drumlins, until grass covered them and checked wind and rain erosion, washed down filling the space between the hills.

Soon afterwards, the suit was dismissed in the British courts and the validity of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter affirmed. That takes the history back to but this is merely the white occupation of this area.

The colonists were devoted to their fruit trees, perhaps feeling that the familiar fruits of home were an establishment of civilization in the wilderness. It is to glaciers that Winthrop owes its form and character.

There was no bridge over Belle Isle Creek until Then too, these writers made use of many words which have since been lost and forgotten save by scholars. The exiles seem to have gone north and east and it is possible that they are today either the Esquimaux or else their blood runs in Esquimaux veins.

The first whites who visited Boston Bay of demonstrable certainty were hardy fishermen from Britain, France and Portugal.

The white settlers from England had a habit of naming the Indians according to the locality in which they lived, being particularly fond of naming a "tribe" after a river -- as the Kennebecs and the Penobscots in Maine.

Of course, Boston was too big for an Indian attack and Winthrop was under the shadow of the big town. Finally, when, after many years, the ice edge reached about as far as present New York City, the climate turned warmer.

At a single shot a man or boy could bring home 20 pounds or so of the most highly prized meat. As breakwaters and sea walls are built, the currents are altered still further.

Harry Whorf, then a boy recently brought to Winthrop by his family, was intensely interested, and joined Mr. Graves have been found in Maine with the skeletons dyed red and with pots of red pigment buried close beside. The woods of New England were imagined to be filled with wild beasts as horrid as anything a modern geologist can imagine while the Indians were counted as being "numberless as the leaves upon the trees.

These rocks formed reefs which alter tidal and storm currents so that the sand and small pebbles washed out are deposited along between the drumlins.The History of Winthrop Massachusetts by William H. Clark. Winthrop Centennial Committee Winthrop, Massachusetts Note: THE author desires to express appreciation for the kindness of many people who have cooperated in preparing this history.

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An analysis of the puritan code in nathaniel hawthornes story the scarlet letter
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