An essay on the shortage of nurses

PricewaterhouseCoopers Design flexible roles. Business policy issues around the supply of nurses and physicians 11 The challenges of inadequate supply 20 Overcoming the disconnect 22 23 25 27 31 Strategies for developing a workforce model for the future l Develop public-private partnerships l Encourage technology-based training l Design flexible roles l Establish performance-based metrics 35 Conclusion 36 Appendix We will write a custom essay sample on Nursing shortage or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Executive summary Many nurses and physicians are among the baby boomers who will start to retire in the next three to five years.

Nurse and physician roles are blurring in primary care, a specialty in which lower salaries have dissuaded debt-laden medical students. When the needs for staffing at a local level arise, those needs can only be met by individuals that live locally.

The Nursing Shortage

The Kaiser Family Foundation, While the nursing An essay on the shortage of nurses has evolved in its gender and ethnic diversities it has become older over time. While some foreign medical schools are accredited by recognized accrediting agencies, many have no accreditation or accreditation with standards appreciably different than those dictated by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education LCMEwhich accredits U.

This change will put another strain on our health care system and in the need for nurses will continue to escalate. Nurses will start to retire at the same time that baby boomers begin turning 65 years of age and start using more care.

Under those scenarios, a surplus was predicted. A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession. Nurses are also expected to perform many tasks that include life saving techniques in critical situations, but in order to keep these individuals with these skills employed by a specific facility it takes a clever approach to nursing retention.

According to the U. This in turn will create a huge stressor to the already problematic nursing shortage. Government and state efforts to increase the capacity of nursing schools and help to fill community needs for future nurse placement should be at the forefront in this movement to replenish nurses.

This is turn would create a huge strain on the American healthcare system at a time when concerns are rising due to the increased need of services for the baby-boomer generation and the current nursing population to care for them. Nevertheless, nurses play many roles other than a care-taker or pill pusher, they are expected to know about possible medication interactions that could harm a patient since they are the last line of protection for patient.

In addition patients have a greater risk of infection due to lack of adequate infection control from proper hand washing by healthcare staff when staffing shortages occur. Unfavorable working conditions must be address so that high retention levels remain in this field. Furthermore, after a nurse has completed two years of service in a hospital then they can apply for the loan forgiveness program that may take up to six months before a decision is made, and only a limited number of individuals are selected.

Nursing Shortage Essay

Nevertheless, since most nurses cannot afford to pay for the higher expenses of college and continue to work then only a selected few would advance their education.

Educational facilities need to be provided with sufficient staffing that will be able to lead the future nurses of America.

The medical practice variation research started by John E. Hospitals and other health care facilities are moving toward higher educational credentials to reduce the probability of malpractice suits resulting from medical errors.

Furthermore, with the introduction of men in nursing things have begun to change and more and more men were joining the nursing profession for career stability and advancement opportunities in an already female dominant profession.

As with nurses, the absolute number of physicians has increased steadily over the years, outpacing population growth.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics: Future forces These research findings indicate that the current medical workforce model is under great pressure and in many cases, is broken.

Introduction to nursing shortage: factors influencing nursing shortage

Yet because shortages have also been cyclical, short-term solutions have won out over long-term changes. Unlike other industries, healthcare has been able to delay the adoption of performance-based standards.

A ranking system was used to identify those hospitals that displayed organizational skills in management that supported nurses.Another factor in the nursing shortage is the number of clinical sites needed to give adequate clinical experiences for nurses to learn in.

Nursing shortage

In hospitals today nursing schools generally have clinical experiences five days a week instead of an additional two days on the weekend to meet more needs of clinical experience time. Predictions about the nursing shortage could become more acute when coupled with new predictions What works* about an impending physician shortage.

The prospect of clinical shortages among both physicians and nurses may be more than the industry can bear. Nursing Shortage Impact on Healthcare Tracey Simmons Aquinas College Department of Nursing; RN-to-BSN Program November 13, Nursing Shortage Impact on Healthcare Dating back to the s, the healthcare industry has realized that there is a need for more nurses.

The Retention and Shortage of Nurses in Healthcare Essay Sample

Global Nursing Shortage Causes Consequences And Solutions. Print Reference this Another ideal strategy that would cut down the shortage of nurses across the globe is concentrating on building on own nurses and retaining them (Buchan & Aiken, ). If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay.

The Retention and Shortage of Nurses in Healthcare Essay Sample. The current nursing shortage and high turnover rate among nurses is a great concern, not only for health care organizations but also for the general population. Nursing Shortages: Effect On Patient Care.

Print Reference this They should pressurize the hospital management to get more nurses where a shortage occurs knowing that they work as a team with the nurses. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please .

An essay on the shortage of nurses
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