Autobiography of malcolm x book review

They also revealed how several attorneys retained by Doubleday closely monitored and vetted entire sections of the controversial text indemanding numerous name changes, the reworking and deletion of blocks of paragraphs, and so forth. He is a great advertisement for autodidactism and how effective and transformative self-education can be: And he walked that floor until just about daybreak.

This is what this book is all about. It made me think for the umpteenth time just how can society malign and vilify black people, especially black men, when society itself is responsible for restricting them in the first place?

His adoration of Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the NOI, was quite sad, especially as Muhammad seems to have been a bit of a weirdo. King; he contributed so much to the civil rights movement as well, yet my knowledge on this man was very minimal.

After reading this book I was perplexed! Wideman suggests that as a writer, Haley was attempting to satisfy "multiple allegiances": In some editions, it appears at the beginning of the book. His writing is very candid and so informative.

The man speaks and you listen but you do not take notes, the first compromise and perhaps betrayal. Forget what I wanted changed, let what you already had stand.

The first mask served a nationalism Malcolm had rejected before the book was finished; the second is mostly empty and available. X, Malcolm; Haley, Alex Grove Press then published the book later that year.

I was upset about something. You are serving many masters, and inevitably you are compromised. As I see it today, the ability to read awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive. At the same time I wonder, how can people not become militant and revolutionary after having experienced so much cruelty and discrimination?

Dyson suggests that "profound personal, intellectual, and ideological changes His depiction of his trip to Mecca in particular was very enlightening and a turning point in his life. Marable argues autobiographical "memoirs" are "inherently biased", representing the subject as he would appear with certain facts privileged, others deliberately omitted.

But both masks hide as much character as they show. Several times I would covertly watch him frown and wince as he read, but he never again asked for any change in what he had originally said.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

He lived in an America where smart black kids were discouraged from being lawyers etc, and thus dropped out of school at young ages. Some will do more than mention it. The Art of Autobiography", writer and professor John Edgar Wideman examines in detail the narrative landscapes found in biography.

But there is no Malcolm untouched by doubt or fiction. Malcolm X dissected the race problem so well, I felt inspired. You have seen how throughout my life, I have often known unexpected drastic changes.

Also, he said that a man should ideally marry a woman half his age plus 7 years. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X was barely mentioned. The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America, and makes the general point that the writing of the Autobiography is part of the narrative of blackness in the 20th century and consequently should "not be held utterly beyond inquiry".

Autobiographical narratives self-censor, reorder event chronology, and alter names. I knew right there, in prison, that reading had changed forever the course of my life. Among the many things I admired about Malcolm X was his thirst for knowledge.

Muhammad said something along the lines of too-short women marrying tall men and vice versa is ridiculous. American writer and literary critic Harold Bloom writes, "When Haley approached Malcolm with the idea, Malcolm gave him a startled look This is an important book for all to read.

She [hooks] is not alone.Let me be crystal clear and extremely frank in this review. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is my FAVORITE book and, I believe, one of. The Autobiography of Malcolm X by: Malcolm X & Alex Haley The Autobiography of Malcolm X is an autobiography by Malcolm X and.

I strongly believe The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley is a reliable source as to what the experience was like. Although, there are many other books on the topic, this book is the best one thus far, because it gives the reader a real life feel as if you’ve experienced everything written yourself/5().

The Autobiography of Malcolm X may the most important autobiography ever written. I don't have the proper vocabulary to do this book its proper justice. A must read!/5. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published inhis permission that at the end of the book I could write comments of my own about him which would not be subject to his review." Eric Holder selected The Autobiography of Malcolm X when asked what book he would recommend to a young person coming to Washington, D.C.

The Autobiography Of Malcolm X summary draws 3 lessons about childhood, losing yourself & admitting you're wrong from the life of Malcolm X.

Autobiography of malcolm x book review
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