Communication in individual and collectivist societies essay

The manager can either accept the fact that specific orders and directions must be given or the manager can explicitly instruct employees to take initiative in the way that is expected.

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As part of a collectivist culture, the avoidance of shame is a primary factor for motivation, as they are very conscious of personal honor and family honor.

We must note that the sense of guilt rarely translates to other members of an organization, clan, or family.

Therefore, for a trainer to successfully use IC theory, he or she must present it using terms and examples trainees can easily understand. When working together, people from two distinct cultures are also considering issues like personal motivation, project configuration, and strategy development.

Each country was accurately scored using a scale of 0 to for each cultural dimension. Introduction The second half of the 20th Century witnessed a transformation of transportation, communication systems, and business.

Western managers are surprised and sometimes disappointed to discover that their Taiwanese subordinates appear to be unwilling to express their opinions in meetings. They stressed that well-prepared intercultural trainers should be knowledgeable of theory, and added that theory can help in the design of training by providing coherence and direction.

The result is a very paternalistic attitude, meaning that subordinate employees in an organization expect their superiors to tell them exactly what to do and make all the decisions for them.

Consequently, employees tend to emphasize group-welfare a harmonies relationships. Specific Areas of Applicability in Organizations In a recent study of negotiation situations, individualists and collectivists behaved in accordance with their "socially prescribed self" Gelfand and Realo,p.

Learning from the beginning that the Taiwanese see the world in a different way helps make foreigners in Taiwan aware of the existence of a perspective or worldview vastly different from their own. In international business, human resources managers, especially those establishing greenfield starts, are often culturally-different from their employees.

Another compelling argument is the notion of opportunism between individualism and collectivism.

Collectivism Collectivism is the degree to which people define the self as interdependent and as a member of particular groups rather than independent of others.

More work must be done to understand how Chinese and other nonwestern peoples conceptualize and experience their worlds. Each society exhibits some aspects of individualism as well as some aspects of collectivism. Interpersonal relationships are not considered inherently valuable, but rather are evaluated to determine the costs and benefits of maintaining the relationship.

Perhaps the IC construct its presence in training is a variable in our understanding. Furthermore, an individual accepts the job invading their private life.Communication in Individualistic and Collective Societies Essay Sample.

1. How do people in “individualist” cultures behave differently to people in “collectivist” cultures? Emphasize family and work group billsimas.comes are typically divided into two categories: collectivist and individualist.

Individualist cult. On the other hand, employees of collectivist societies are more likely to downplay individual values for those that benefit their organization.

In other words, the expectation for collectivism is that support of an organization overrides individual values. How do people in “individualist” cultures behave differently to people in “collectivist” cultures?

People in collectivist cultures: Each person is encouraged to be an active player or role in society, to function as a whole. In a collectivist society, people put bunch objectives and needs in front of their own individual wishes.

Indeed, this worth is now and then so much a piece of the society that an individual may not recognize particular and group needs, as the survival and cohesiveness of the gathering is of vital vitality. A collectivist will always insist that the claims of groups, associations or the state must normally supersede the individuals’ claims (Grabill & Gronbacher, ).

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Communication in individual and collectivist societies essay
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