Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing

Microsoft only supplies bits and product keys to Volume License customers and only for certain versions and editions of the software. Windows Server Foundation End users may downgrade to any other version as long as they have the appropriate media and keys.

Downgrade Rights Explained

April Some Volume Licensing agreements and enrollments provide organization-wide licensing with tiered pricing that can be based on the number of "Qualified Devices. Downgrade rights September Explains the downgrade rights for the most commonly acquired systems License Terms granted by Volume Licensing programs and how they compare with original equipment manufacturer OEM and full-package product FPP license rights.

Authorizing a third party to exercise downgrade rights for an end user Because downgrade rights apply to end users, they are not designed for third-party facilitation, which has many complications. I see only the latest products for sale.

One of the most common questions our Licensing Team answers involves how to determine downgrade rights. You may not, however, downgrade to Microsoft Office Standard Edition because it is a different product and not considered a prior version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

For more information about access to prior product versions, please see the Fulfillment information section of the Microsoft Licensing site at www. Enter the product key. Always check your contract, and the current Products Use Rights document to confirm how your environment should be fully licensed.

Product licensing briefs

So what does this mean? Microsoft is available in two options, E3 and E5. This is one scenario and licensing situation. Insert the downgrade-eligible version of Windows media and follow the installation instructions. Software titles where n-2 and n-3 versions are available can be viewed here.

Reimaging rights June Explains the rights that are granted to all Volume Licensing customers to copy software onto multiple devices from one standard image. In this case, the appropriate local Activation Support phone number will be displayed.

Determining downgrade rights can be complicated and requires a thorough reading of all applicable licensing documents pertaining to the specific product and channel.

Product activation and key information

These people should be able to provide specific info that is how they make their money. Downgrade Rights generally apply to the version here, version refers to year of the software, but occasionally also involve editions here, editions refer to named version like — Enterprise, Standard, Professional, and Datacenter of the software.

But the snip below also includes a couple of links you can use to contact MS for up to date information. Call the number and explain the circumstances.

Google is your friend I found this Aug link: There is also a very comprehensive Licensing Brief on Downgrade Rights available on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website that may be viewed here.

Windows Server R2 Standard edition and Windows Server Standard edition are two different versions of the same product; R2 versus The downgrade process Follow these steps to downgrade to an earlier version of Windows software: If the software was previously activated, it cannot be activated online.

In these cases to differentiate them, Microsoft refers to them as Down-Edition rights. Please refer to the Microsoft Product Terms for particular downgrade paths for your products. Determining which version of Microsoft software you have a right to run, known as your downgrade rights, depends on the channel through which the software was purchased; Original Equipment Manufacturer OEMRetail FPPor Volume Licensing VL and also when it was purchased.

How do I get prior versions of products when I need to downgrade to a prior version of a Microsoft product my organization licenses through Volume Licensing? Each customer scenario can vary by deployment, usage, product version, and product use rights.

The blogging team does not warrant that this scenario will be the right licensing solution for other similar cases.

Microsoft software license dependency guide December A comprehensive list of Microsoft software licenses and dependent licenses the "software stack" required under the terms of Volume Licensing programs. What can I do when I am not ready to move to the latest product or I have a legacy application and need to run a prior version of Microsoft Software?For more information about downgrade rights, see Microsoft Volume Licensing Brief: Downgrade Rights.

References Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates. Downgrade rights (rights to use any prior version) are granted as part of all the Volume Licensing agreements. Please refer to the Microsoft Product List for particular downgrade paths for your products.

Apr 02,  · I called over to to MS licensing, and what they told me was if i purchase the Exchange Server license via Volume Licensing it does in fact have downgrade rights, and when i pressed about the actual key for he said i will have to call in to get that.

Understanding downgrade rights

Feb 06,  · Downgrade rights are a benefit of purchasing in the Volume Licensing channel and are also granted to some products sold via the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and to a lesser degree the Retail (FPP) channels.

Commercial Licensing brief Downgrade rights for Microsoft Commercial Licensing, OEM, and full-package product licenses September This brief applies. May 31,  · Can anyone provide clarity on the downgrade rights from Windows Server Standard to Windows Server R2 Standard??

These licenses would be under a Volume Licensing Agreement. From Microsoft's downgrade licensing document page 6 (MS Downgrade Rights) it looks like I only have R2 or earlier available to install with this license purchase.

Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing
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