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However, it is treated as the third category Educational system in nigeria essay the reasons given for hypotheses 1 and 2 automatically provide the rationale for why there are no academic standards.

He should quit if he has nothing more to offer. Therefore just over half of all children complete primary school.

Importance of Education in the Modern World

The universities of Ibadan and Ahmadu Bello, for example, earned global recognition for their research in tropical health and agriculture, respectively. Thus, academic performance is not taken seriously anymore. A substantial number of would-be college and university students are turned away from the system.

In practice, however, the university system developed less rationally than anticipated. It is an open rumor that many students pay professional examination takers to take standardized examinations for them.

In this respect, education in modern society provides a forum where the society examines its issues and identifies solutions.

The new system is increasingly used nationwide, although many institutions have not yet adopted the system as of February However, a substantial dependency on oil revenues has radically undercut this potential. Inthe NBTE recognized polytechnics, 27 monotechnics, and colleges in various specific disciplines.

Poor schooling, ignorance, poverty, and unemployment or underemployment among the youths could lead to their being easily manipulated by the political elites for selfish purposes. Similarly, it appears that many school officials are competing with politicians and public officials generally to amass wealth.

As per the most recent Universal Basic Education guidelines implemented inthe curriculum includes: Some programs may also include a limited amount of coursework. There is a relationship between corruption and the mushrooming of private educational institutions in Nigeria During the s, s, and early s, both public and private primary and secondary schools competed to be the best.

If Nigeria can not give adequate and quality education to students at the elementary and secondary level, the tertiary institutions would continue to be populated by those who are least prepared to face the rigors of university education. There is a relationship between the prevailing culture of corruption, exploitation, and lack of moral consideration in the educational sector and the culture of corruption, exploitation, and lack of moral consideration in the political system.

The curriculum includes the same subjects as the elementary stage, but adds the subject of business studies.

Low Level Of Education In Nigeria: Causes And Solution

What chance does Nigeria have of participating in the emerging global knowledge economy? These and other secondary schools were very impressive, both academically and infra-structurally.

Austerity measures adopted by the Nigerian government in the wake of the current crisis further slashed education budgets. The prevalence of fraud is apparent in credential reviews at WES; forged Nigerian degrees and other credentials are, by comparison to documents received from many other countries, relatively common.

Between andan additional 11 universities were established, some of them seemingly on an ad hoc basis.

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But how do we assess higher education flexibility and responsiveness? Clear, legible photocopies of all degree certificates issued by the institutions attended Academic transcripts showing all subjects completed and all grades awarded for all years of study These must be sent directly to WES by the institutions attended.

However, management rigidities are also found at the institutional level. The result has been to create a system of excessively homogeneous institutions.

Past and present education in comparison

There could be some bad eggs in the system. Test takers can achieve a maximum score of As of Februarythe status of the reforms was unclear, due to resistance from universities.

Unfortunately, these policy initiatives to enhance educational quality are hampered by a severe shortage of qualified academic staff within the university system.

The school compounds and campuses were well kept. They signal steps towards the healthier diversification of a previously rather standardized system, and create vehicles for the eventual delivery of continuing professional education.

A possible explanation for this lack of progress is suggested by Burton Clark It participated in the negotiation of staff salaries with the various academic unions.

Students may take either a single-subject honors degree, or combined honors.

Education System in Nigeria

It lasts three years and covers grades seven through nine, completing the basic stage of education. It is argued here that the educational sector is as corrupt as the public and private sectors.Feb 25,  · Get access to Problems In Education Essays only from Anti Essays.

Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at. An updated look at Nigeria’s education system, featuring an overview of higher education, student mobility, sample documents, grade equivalencies and more.

Home; Research; WES in the News WENR’s policy is not to favor any given source over any other, but to try and be transparent about what we are reporting, and to footnote. The organization of educational planning in Nigeria The educational systems of the southern regions of Nigeria were in considerably more advanced than that of Northern Nigeria, but for Our purposes.

Arts in Education Topic: Education System of Thailand Discussant: Oliver A. Lahorra Professor: Dr. Philip Baldera Subject: Comparative Models of Education _____ Education System of Thailand The Kingdom of Thailand Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Sep 10,  · Nigeria Educational System is not as described above. I wonder where the writer came about his response. Nigerian teachers are qualified Resolved. The Legal Framework of Educational Planning and Administration in East Africa 8. Les aspects financiers de l'tiducation en Cdte-d'lvoire 9.

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Educational system in nigeria essay
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