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The distance Americans and Europeans feel from their political representatives has multiple causes, but one possible powerful way to address the core problem is to close this distance by expanding their legislatures. For example, I live in Berkeley, California, a city of aboutpeople.

This is thought due to the following reasons: But a comparative analysis of assemblies and ratios of representatives per capita can indicate some wrong answers. But such 18th-century worries should not apply to modern legislative bodies, where technology can make mass communication among representatives seamless and transparent, and the real work of legislation is done by committees and sub-committees.

Save for India, whose Lok Sabha has one representative per 2. There is no simple right answer, other than that they should be ample enough to represent the people in all its diversity. The reason why I think like this is so simple: US representatives have become senators, serving for long periods of time; they are less attuned to the fine-grained concerns of their constituents, and they are rich.

If citizens of a representative government are to be genuinely represented, their interests and opinions, in all their variety, must find voice in the legislature. The democratic deficit, in general terms, is a problem related with the incapacity of the EU institutions to represent and support most of the European population, as it is supposed to do.

At the same time, incumbents win re-election approximately 95 per cent of the time. In this, the British were not alone. Not only do I not feel a personal connection with her, but these communities, though similar to Berkeley in many respects, are also significantly different.

In this case, it is needed that the citizens of the European Union have the though that they belong or that they form part of something, and that is why they want that European democracy to be developed. Do you believe that the Treaties of Amsterdam and Nice made valid contributions to the democratization of the EU?

He has a PhD in philosophy from Stanford University. If the US and the EU followed global norms of democratic representation, they would have 2, and 3, representatives in their lower houses, respectively.

The US and the EU are at the less representative end of the spectrum. Although the Charter of Fundamental Rights was signed in Nice, it was not included in this pact.

Nowadays there is only one opinion about the contributions of the Amsterdam and Nice Treaties to the European democracy: This is one of the reasons because people think that the Nice process, as the Amsterdam one, was a missed opportunity for EU democracy.European Union Essay Sample.

A democracy deficit plagues the US and the European Union

1. Explain the problem of ‘democratic deficit’ and suggest possible solutions to the issue. The democratic deficit, in general terms, is a problem related with the incapacity of the EU institutions to represent and support most of the European population, as it is supposed to do. In this essay, firstly writer will compare and contrast EU and NAFTA with the help of the level of regional economic integration.

In the end, positive and negative aspects from EU and NAFTA will be compared Firstly, trading Show More. Democratic Deficit in the European Union Words | 8 Pages More about A Democratic Deficit in the. The phrase democratic deficit is cited as first being used by the Young European Federalists in their Manifesto in ,[2] which was drafted by Richard Corbett.

The phrase was also used by David Marquand inreferring to the then European Economic Community, the. We will write a custom essay sample on Is there a Democratic Deficit in EU? specifically for you for only $ $/page. In this essay I will ague that given the common understanding of the term "democratic deficit", as a lack in ability of European citizens to affect decisions made at a European level, it is fair to say that there is currently a democratic deficit within the EU.

Once I have established the meanings 5/5(3). In what ways is the current European Union undemocratic? Update Cancel.

European Union Essay Sample

how undemocratic the European Union is, we need to know WHAT European Union is. Only then can we know the real democratic deficit. k Views · View Upvoters. promoted by Vuori.

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European union democratic deficit essay writer
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