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As modified by Louis E. Byenough funds had been raised to build the first public school in Tampa.

Graduation Party Supplies

Bylocation No. Photo provided by Louis Edwin Gates, Jr.

Inthe building, now called the Tampa Heights Primary School building, was enlarged and arranged for a primary school. She was called the most studious girl in her class, enjoyed music, having fun, and giving to others.

That same source notes that Cuscaden also headed the Department of English High school graduation paper products, whose courses included Grammar, Descriptive Geography, and Arithmetic. Notice that location No. Terms of relationship in quotes are with respect to his grandson, Louis Edwin Gates: Graham became the high school principal with duties confined to the High School.

Cuscaden was a physician, Marietta was a teacher, age 25, and their son, Arthur was 1 year old. The photo was taken about 5 years after the high school had moved out and the building became the location of only the the grade school.

A fact also verified by the Hillsborough Masonic Lodge website, which shows the same image as their first home on the corner of Whiting and Franklin St.

During its four years in this building the library had accumulated a nice collection and such chemical apparatus as needed for experiments in chemistry. Place your cursor on the map to see the area in In JanuaryMr. Marietta lived a long life, through all the subsequent locations of Hillsborough High School, and died at age 93 in Tampa, in early Sept.

Grahamwho also served as the principal. Edward Josiah Gates, "Uncle Eddie", son of 1 and 2. Built by John T. Marietta probably came to Tampa with her son or shortly thereafter and took the position of the first principal of Hillsborough County High School in For the rest of this feature, the cornerstone history will be divided accordingly over the various locations mentioned, and combined with the First One Hundred Years history and E.

He died in Tampa in March of Now, when we are about to realize our hopes, let us look back over the history of the High School. It means that the building to which we have looked forward to for so long is now in the course of erection.

Owing to the disastrous freeze ofthe plan of Supt. Professor Graham, a brother of noted Tampa judge William Shelby Grahambecame prominent in the Hillsborough County school system, becoming School Superintendent in Whitfield Graham and Sarah Catherine Smith. The society was founded in in New York City and was dedicated to promoting the unity of humanity; to foster religious and racial understanding by encouraging the study of religion, philosophy and science; and to further the discovery of the spiritual aspect of life and of human beings.

The first Hillsborough Lodge building was built on what is known as the corner of Whiting and Franklin Streets, Downtown Tampa, in According to the U. When Marietta completed her tenure at Hiram College inshe and her children moved to Florida.

Henderson, a new 8-room schoolhouse was built on this property on Jefferson St. It began in room over a livery stable on Franklin Street with nineteen students and one teacher, Benjamin Chalmers Graham B. BerthaSon of 1 and 2. This change was a great improvement over the previous arrangement.Great selection of graduation party supplies and decorations are here, including paper plates and napkins, centerpieces, invitations and much more.

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While every effort has been made to display colors of our products accurately, variations may occur and. HISTORY REWRITTEN Special thanks to HHS historian Lewis Rex Gordon, author of "History of Hillsborough High School", for his permission to use his findings, and his assistance and advice on the information presented in this feature.

In the Sunland Tribune, Volume XII November, the article "Hillsborough High School: The First One Hundred Years", begins with. Paper Fans; Paper Lanterns; Party Favors; Party Games; Party Hats.

Graduation Party

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High school graduation paper products
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