Impact of ict on the performance

An International Multidisciplinary Journal, Ethiopia. Many University in Nigeria, Benin and Ghana are not computer oriented. To determine the factor limiting the use of ICT in all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The project study is well-researched for academic purposes and are usually provided in complete chapters with adequate References.

The Impact Of Ict On The Nigerian Economic Growth And Development

The introduction of the GSM in Nigeria was to expand the teledensity in the country and to make telephone services cheaper and accessible to the common person as it had been introduced in some African countries like South Africa, Ghana, and Benin Republic among others. Specifically, the study is aim at findings out whether; ICT has any direct effect on students academic performance.

It offers new methods of delivering subject at secondary education level. What is the impact of ICT on the Nigerian economic growth and development?

In Nigeria, policy on adoption of Information and Communication Technologies was initiated inwhen the civilian regime came into power of government. This study intend to study the influence of ICT on students academic performance in secondary schools.

Studies have shown that prior academic performance is an important predictor of performance at other levels of education. According to Anyanwuthey have faced two main difficulties. The outcomes of education are mainly validated in the higher institutions.

There is no standard definition for student achievement. To meet these challenges, learning institutions must embrace the new technologies and appropriate ICT tools for learning.

Taking advantage of these opportunities needs a profound change in the organisation of the higher education system. Information and Communication Technology ICT has now been accepted as one of the main driving force behind organizational competitiveness in the present day business environment.

In fact, since computer is general purpose technology GPTit needs to be specified in order to meet the needs expressed by students and to be adapted to the local context and constraints Antonelli, ; Youssef, There is no significant relationship between ICT and students academic performance.

They have faced two main difficulties. Economic literature in the last decade has shown that technological change, on its own, does not lead to any change in economic performance. How does ICT as a tool for teaching influence students academic performance?

The narrow definition allows the observation of the outcomes of any change in higher education, while the more extensive definition needs a more complex strategy of observation and a focus on the labour market. Due to limited time and funds, the study was restricted to a particular section of ……….


The sample population is a true representative of the study population. An action in which excellence or superiority depend primarily on abstract mental ability.

The biting economic situation could not allow the researcher carryout the work as fast as it had to be done. Starting from this point, the aims of this paper are two-fold: The relationship between the use of ICT and student performance in higher education is not clear, and there are contradictory results in the literature.

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The effect of computer usage on learning is currently in relation to the internet to facilitate teaching and learning.Impacts of Information and Communication Technology Implementations on Employees’ Jobs in Service Organizations in India: A Multi-Method the impact of ICTs on operational performance of or-ganizations in general (e.g., Banker et al.Cotteleer of the impacts of ICT.

Impact of ICT on Effective Financial Management Mudasir Manzoor Kirmani1, Firdoos Ahmad Wani2, Syed Mohsin Saif1,* Application of ICT to enhance the performance of organization of all types around the world and do not only help to cut cost and improve efficiency (Spanos et al.

). In conclusion ICT has now being accepted as the backbone. Jan 15,  · The Impact Of Ict On The Nigerian Economic Growth And Development, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS. Project; Business Plans ideas O.S and Adebayo, A.A ().

ICT’s, Service Delivery and Operational Performance in Nigerian Banks: A Survey of Empirical Research. An International Multidisciplinary Journal.


This Research Work is on Appraising The Impact Of ICTs On Mass Media Performance (A Study Of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation, Osogbo) Abstract. ICT impacts on organizations. Section 3 presents the analysis of direct and indirect effects of ICT on SMEs performance.

Section 4 presents conclusions. 2. ICT impact on organizations ICT adoption In the companies and countries that assimilate new technologies and innovations rapid changes are.

ICT has had a major impact in the university context, in organisation and in teaching and learning methods. One puzzling question is the effective impact of these technologies on student achievement and on the returns of education.

Impact of ict on the performance
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