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The results are shown below: Length Of Wire cm Voltage V Current A Resistance Ohms 0 From this we worked out the average resistance of each length of wire by adding all the resistance values for that length Investigating resistance essay wire and Investigating resistance essay by three: From these tables and charts we can see a correlation.

I predict that the longer the wire, the higher resistance will be.

Investigating the Resistance of Wire

A cell connected to an ammeter and a piece of wire in series, and a voltmeter connected outside the circuit so that the voltage and current will not change due to their presence. How to cite this page Choose cite format: From what my results say I am willing to predict that if I had a thicker piece of Nichrome say 0.

Current and voltage also with the length of wirefrom which we could work out resistance of the wire. The range of results we will be collecting will be from 1m to 10cm of wire, measuring every 10cm. This is based on our preliminary work on how the thickness of wire affects resistance.

On the other hand, more repeats could have made the data less accurate due to almost all the results being slightly inaccurate. The correlation also appears to be directly proportional from X to Y, which means that there is an equal rate of increase in resistance. The variable for my experiment will be the length so to keep it a fair test I must use 10 cm jumps each time, use the same metal each time meaning it must be Nichrome of 0.

We can change the size or number of cell sthe length or thickness of the wire, and the length of the circuit. The theory behind electricity and conduction supports this too: This means Resistance Investigating resistance essay voltage divided by Investigating resistance essay.

If there were collisions in the 10cm length of wire, there would be 1, in the 20cm length. The electric charges will collide with the atoms, slowing them down.

Overall it was a good and accurate experiment. The evidence we have collected is sufficient to support our theory, and although we do have one large anomaly and a few small ones, we also have a few perfect examples of direct proportion.

The resistance will depend directly on the number of atoms in the wire. I predict this will happen because Resistance is due to the atoms in the wire. I will eventually have a full table of results ranging from 10cm to cm.

I have indicated in the rough graph below on what I think will happen and what it will then look like on the graph. Hire Writer I will connect this into the circuit using crocodile clips, I will stretch the wire across a meter stick and connect one crocodile clip at 0cm and one at 10 cm, I will record a reading from both the ammeter and the voltmeter, I will then move the crocodile clip which is on 10cm to 20 cm and again take a reading from both the ammeter and the voltmeter before recording the results into a table.

An example of this would 30 and 60 cm: The longer the wire, the more atoms there are, The more atoms mean more collisions with electrons, so there is less flowing through, which makes for a higher resistance. I will now go on to plot the graph before recording my conclusion.

This means energy would be given off as heat, increasing resistance. This conclusion supports and proves my prediction fully, as we can see from the graphs and results. Based on this information, I can now make a prediction. This means we will be measuring current in amps and voltage in voltsfrom which we can work out the resistance in ohms.

Our procedure was good too, but more repeats could have been done to make sure it was a fair test.Investigating the Resistance of Wire This Essay Investigating the Resistance of Wire and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 11, • Essay •.

Resistance is a property of a substance that conducts electricity. Resistance opposes the flow of electricity through conductors and it depends on the PHYSICAL NATURE of the particular conductor.

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In this investigation, we are investigating how the length of wire affects resistance current and voltage.

We can change the size or number of cell(s), the length or thickness of the wire, and the length of the circuit. To do this, we will set up a circuit: A cell connected to an ammeter and a piece of wire in. Investigating Resistance of a Wire Essay examples - Investigating Resistance of a Wire INTRODUCTION This investigation is about find the resistance of a wire.

Resistance is the slow-down of the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push the charged particles around the circuit.

Investigating resistance essay
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