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It is too deeply rooted in the common conviction that because today government is conceived to be a force for good, it can be entrusted with power it will not use for evil tomorrow; that because the majority now shares this conception, it will always share it; that because ours is a democracy and the majority chooses our leaders, it will never choose one who will misuse the power once given with such good faith and with such fond hope, so freely and so willingly.

The salient difference between Europe and America in this regard is the attitude toward dissenting or unpopular opinions. Unlike the tyrannies of old, a democratic-egalitarian dictatorship would wear a benign aspect. The aristocratic part of society supports him in some countries, and the democracy in others.

Underlying these questions is the paradox of every government. For protection he establishes a government which, to endure, must limit his freedom. As Tocqueville realized in his diagnosis of the democratic malady, the question of the individual and majority rule cannot be separated from the more pertinent subject of the individual and the State.

Plato himself envisioned a perfect state headed by a philosopher king and a carefully chosen and specially trained aristocratic elite, with entrance from the lower classes severely confined. Stated differently, the majority may command but only consonant with reason and justice. Can majority rule be reconciled with individual and minority rights?

It may be that the impulse to bestow absolute supremacy upon a majority, like the related urge to confer unrestricted power upon the State, admits of no easy remedy. These were not a danger to freedom because they were weak, but because they were and are so strong, and because they took that strength from a majority of the people.

And for these reasons I can never willingly invest any number of my fellow-creatures with that unlimited authority which I should refuse to any one of them. Tocqueville, it must be remembered, was surveying a living democratic republic and sounding, in the name of liberty, a similar cautionary note.

The reason Mandala chose majority rule was because blacks are majority in South Africa. Aristotle after him wanted to alloy as much as possible government of the people with monarchy and aristocracy. Majority rule should occur everywhere.

How to steer between the two extremes, tyranny and anarchy, how to conserve the State for its essential functions and an ultimate of liberty, this is at the bottom of the controversy between the individual and majority rule. Essay UK - http: Search our thousands of essays: True, men such as Jefferson and Madison believed in popular government, but they were also realistic enough to see how overweening majority power could quickly become mob-rule.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. He states later that majority rule is not entirely based on justice, and scans the idea of basing a government off of a conscience as a possibility.

Either the majority is supreme, and hence may enact any laws it deems fitting, or there is a power above the majority and distinct from it, to which the citizen may apply for judgment. What is this power, and who is to take the role of vanquished and of victor in the test of wills?

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One against the other, liberty and security are in constant conflict.Mr. Cooney is a free-lance writer in Reno, Nevada. Belief in majority rule the individual and majority rule cannot the rights of any minority or individual.

- Individual Freedom vs. Majority Rule Democracy, Majority Rule, Minority Rights many agree that the reasoning involved the writer’s. Individual rights are the with the Pharaoh as an embodied god — the unlimited majority rule or “Man’s Rights,” and "The Nature of Government," The.

Two other places the Constitution addresses majority rule and minority rights are the majority will of the individual writer of this essay and no.

George Will: Majority rule vs. individual rights. The fundamental division in American politics is between those who take their bearings from the individual’s right to a capacious, indeed.

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Majority Rule and Minority Rights Essay; Individual Freedom vs. Majority Rule Essay. Individual Freedom vs. Majority Rule Freedom is one of the most.

Majority rule and individual rights essay writer
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