Managing people and project leadership

For projects which are huge impact, large scale, complex and global in nature the standards to be achieved, the goals and the deliverables are constrained by the time frame, budgets and the market dynamics.

Leading a project towards success requires the manager to get the work done by the team members efficiently and effectively. The application of leadership and management in the project execution is usually dependent on the type of project and the life cycle stage that the project is in.

Importance of Leadership for Project Success

These types of projects involve large and distributed project teams, comprising members from diverse disciplines. It requires the person to have a clear vision, clarity in reason, practical in scheduling and the ability to attract a talented and efficient team.

Good leadership can be cultivated and modified as per the organizational culture so as to gain results. At the same time the leader should emphasize on team building and motivation so that the divergent members can work together as a team.

This phase needs to be stressed so as to gain complete awareness of the requirements. The basic distinction between the manager focus and the leadership focus can be captured as given below: Similarly the project leader has a pivotal role to play in change management. In such a situation the project success and business sustenance can be achieved only through an effective and smart leadership.

The stress in project management is about ensuring that things get done while motivating the project team towards delivering project success. Most importantly the leader should be able to give credit, nurture creativity and support team members in taking calculative risks so as to deliver project success.

The leadership style should be flexible, sharing, and innovative so as to bring about the project success. During the planning phase of the project, the leader should lead the team and the stakeholders through a fine tuned project study so as to understand the project needs.

Also the implementation is going to be multi-phased. A good leader should be able to anticipate the change and address it effectively.The solution includes including cultural issues in project planning, based on cultural issues creating project structure, developing a strong strategy that improves people involvement and communication, having continuous development efforts that can effectively deal with people.

Three leadership behaviors of successful project managers

Still others used the terms project leadership and project leader interchangeably with the terms project management and project manager (Puccinelli, ; Sense, ).

Kotter () noted that there is an increased need for leadership when working in a volatile environment and dealing with change.

Three leadership behaviors of successful project managers Andy Makar discusses three leadership behaviors that every project manager should strive to demonstrate. Let us know which leadership. Project and people management share many of the same necessary skills and abilities, but there are key differences to being effective at both.

Project Management Huts; 25+ People of Influence; Project Management Phases Project Management Articles; Importance of Leadership for Project Success. by Radhika Chittoor · July 6, Need a simple project management software to manage your team? The application of leadership and management in the project execution is.

The Difference Between Managing and Leading As a project leadership coach, speaker and trainer, my primary job is to help project managers improve their performance and well-being.

I work with PMs so they can manage their projects more efficiently; build stronger relationships with their stakeholders; motivate their team and increase .

Managing people and project leadership
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