Relaxed celebrity sentencing

Society makes it very hard for the common man to reintegrate back into society after being charged with felony crimes; people like my friend who are determined to turn their life around struggle whereas celebrities continue to receive sports and movie contracts and at the same time continue committing Relaxed celebrity sentencing.

The ability to pay your way out of legal action and punishment is a luxury the average person does not have. They continue making the same mistakes because Relaxed celebrity sentencing know the consequences will not be severe; a loyal fan of Lohan could be amongst the jury members.

Without any doubts, as long as you have money, fame, and power you can swindle even the United States legal system. Instead, she is invited to the Charlotte Ranson Spring Fashion Show and the 67th Annual Golden Globes just weeks after her arrests as if unaffected by her law-breaking. Not only is she a repeat offender that seems to get too light of sentencing to have any impact on her decisions, but many times she has failed to show up for court and has failed several drug tests.

For average felons like my friend, their crimes make it so they can barely get a job and financially support themselves. Her lifestyle is not impacted negatively by her arrests and charges; if anything, she gets much more press coverage because of her legal run-ins.

Even though it happens that does not make it right. It could be the judge and jury bias of not wanting to convict a celebrity that aids these people in getting away with crimes. I know that children look up to these Hollywood bad girls and all other celebrities and after seeing people like Lindsay Lohan spend 84 minutes in jail for DUIs, children realize that if you have the money and looks you can get away with anything; in fact, your image can even be helped.

Justice should be equal in all aspects of the law, regardless of celebrity status or the amount of money in your pocket. This is proof that celebrities rarely receive the appropriate sentence thus contributing to their ability to get away with crime more easily.

Celebrity sex abuse convictions help send prison terms soaring

Having previous drug and alcohol-related charges, you would think Lohan would receive more extreme sentences that would make her want to change her lifestyle. Even though these celebrities continuously commit unlawful acts, this does not stop them from getting invited to exclusive fashion shows, parties, award shows, and roles in movies and television shows.

This is not the sort of message we should be sending. What does the constant press coverage of celebrities committing crimes and being released early with very little consequence say to our youth? Whether the offender is a movie star or professional athlete, there is no doubt money talks in the legal world.

Hacker of celebrity photos asking for leniency

In any normal circumstance, the victim would not be paid off and the rapist could end up with eight or nine years in prison according to a sex offender attorney website.

Another Fox news report details how her most recent legal episodes included arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and reckless driving. Her sentence was one day in jail and 10 days community service.

Money, corruption in the legal system bias, and easy sentencing are some of the many factors that allow celebrities to get away with their crimes while the common man has to take responsibility for his actions and endure the consequences deemed necessary by the law.

None come to mind. Instead, there are several contributing factors. Many times we hear of settlements being reached out of court between the defendant and the accuser.The average custodial sentence length (ACSL), or length of time people are sentenced to, has increased year on year over the last decade, according to the MOJ's new criminal justice statistics update.

Money, corruption in the legal system bias, and easy sentencing are some of the many factors that allow celebrities to get away with their crimes while the common man has to take responsibility for his actions and endure the consequences deemed necessary by.

NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess) — A federal judge on Monday ruled that Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland will have to remain in jail for another month while awaiting sentencing on charges of duping investors of the failed music festival.

Disparities between sentencing practices of celebrities and regular citizens are becoming a heated issue across the nation. This subject has received much attention due to the fact that we have so many celebrities that are in and out of court and jail today and those individuals are receiving much less sentences than individuals that are not celebrities.

FILE - In this March 4, file photo, Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. A Connecticut man is asking for leniency while facing sentencing for hacking into more than iCloud accounts of.

Jun 08,  · Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's sentencing has been pushed back to August as he films the new season of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' in Las VegasAuthor: Us Weekly Staff.

Relaxed celebrity sentencing
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