Romeo and juliet a review of baz luhrmanns movie

These are handled interestingly here. Zefrelli made his own choices in the earlier film; these were relatively conventional. Living under water is used to good effect. And it is best if parents accompany their kids who are allowed to view this graphic retelling of the classic.

Danes brings life and incentive to the character of Juliet. Serves as an anchor as intended. Baz adds the additional dimension of the people being captured by the superstitious underbelly of the Church.

Romeo + Juliet

This marked the last feature for Leonardo DiCaprio, pre-Titanic mayhem. The congruence is lost in this film, but Baz definitely gets the magic part as well as the superfluous ritual of the church. Neon crucifixes, dazzling skylines, and festive fireworks literally light up the screen in this film.

Luhrmann creates a world where gun toting teens sport Hawaiian shirts and beach front brawls are an everyday event. Giving the classic play this modern twist makes for a new understanding of the text and brings the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets to a whole new level.

Thus, we often lose the language. It is a step beyond her critically acclaimed work in "My So-Called Life" and has thankfully made her a more prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Any teenager growing up in the mid 90s will attest to the unbeatable hipness of this movie.

And what acting skill they have from film is all in the face, not the tongue. He relies heavily -- and with serious consequences -- on his rebel gender-bender of a friend, Mercutio Harold Perrineau Jr. As a separate matter, the play has three anchors: In this film, the director has exaggerated the Latin macho ethic to have the same effect 16th century Londoners would get.

But here we have some interesting choices. Families can talk about issues such as conflict-resolution, peer pressure, and their alternatives.

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The Nurse is the true domestic, raw nature, full of uncompromised loyalty but ultimately compromised. Sign in to vote.

Quick to violence a stereotype that has been inherited by blacks today, but to Londoners, Italians were nearly Africans: But in the real play, there are so many and such subtle explorations of the theme, and these are scoured away here for a few broad effects.

Incredibly proud especially as regards slights to masculinity: So Hamlet is given a psychotropic by Mercutio before going to the party. Remember that until this point Romeo is hopelessly smitten by Roseline. Romeo is, of course, exiled, and it looks like Juliet will be forced into an arranged marriage with the bland Paris Paul Rudd.

Baz gets this as well: So we have a playhouse with the back part blasted out to the sea. Mercutio in the play is a emotionally engaged visionary mystic. Her character is lost here. It works because these stereotypes are powerful memes which attract many hosts which perpetuate their underlying truth.

These Latins are superficial visually and not verbally. Harold Perrineau brought humor and diversity to the renowned role of Mercutio. Mercutio, the Friar and the Nurse. While it cut some valuable language, sacrificed to the gods of contemporary patience, it is by far the better version. Did they truly believe suicide was the only way, and if so, what circumstances in the film drove them to feel this way?

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? This time, though, the turf and the weapon of choice have taken a turn toward the surreal. But alas it suffers from another blessing which is also a curse:Nov 01,  · Janet Maslin reviews film William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes; photo (S) style of a movie trailer, this ''Romeo and.

Romeo + Juliet movie reviews & Metacritic score: Baz Luhrmann's dazzling and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic love story is spellbi. Romeo + Juliet is a stunningly detailed, perfectly cast, fun-fuelled immersive experience. A true love letter to one of the best movies of the 71%.

Jul 26,  · Shot in Mexico, and staged as a turbo-charged psychedelic comic strip by the Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom), Romeo and Juliet is a series of spectacular production designs.

Director Baz Luhrmann knew what he was doing when he cast Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio in the title roles of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The two young actors have the power to captivate their audience and.

Director Baz Luhrmann's whirling dervish adaptation of the classic tale of ROMEO + JULIET is replete with glowing surfaces, quick-cutting action, and a soundtrack that bites.

Romeo and juliet a review of baz luhrmanns movie
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