Summary of a handful of dates

I felt myself drawing close to Masood, felt my hand stretch out toward him as though I wanted to touch the hem of his garment. Tayeb Salih This story is about a young boy whos looks up to his grandfather as a god. When I again looked at the expanse of ground stretching before me I saw my young companions swarming like ants around the trunks of the palm trees, gathering up dates and eating most of them.

Then I remembered his three wives, his shabby appearance, his lame donkey and its dilapidated saddle, his galabia with the torn sleeves.

And those trees - sant, acacia, and sayal? There was a vast number of people there, but though I knew them all, I found myself for some reason watching Masood: Someone brought my grandfather a stool covered with an oxhide, while I remained standing.

They formed a circle around the sacks of dates and began examining them, some taking a date or two to eat. I saw Masood filling the palms of both hands with dates and bringing them up close to his nose, then returning them.

This short story is told through the eyes of a young boy as he experiences an epiphany, a critical moment of awareness that perhaps marks his passage from a child to an adult.

If you were the boy, would you of reacted in the same manner? My grandfather never laughed. I believe I was his favorite grandchild: They are muslim which means that they go to mosque.

I saw people coming along and weighing them into measuring bins and pouring them into sacks, of which I counted thirty. Then I saw them dividing up the sacks between them. My grandfather gave me a fistful, which I began munching. The dates were collected into high mounds.

Mousa the owner of the field next to ours on the eastern side took five, and my grandfather took five. I made the quick calculation that Masood must have married some ninety women. When they got there the grandfather sat on a stool while Masood harvested the dates.

Do you see it stretching out from the edge of the desert up to the Nile bank? I said to him: I heard a low whistling sound and saw that my grandfather had fallen asleep. After this, the little boy ran off because he know had a feeling of hate towards his grandfather.

Do you see all those date palms? One day, the neighbour of the grandfather, Masood, told them that he was harvesting the dates and asked if they wanted to help. The position had changed now, though, and I think that before Allah calls me to Him I shall have bought the remaining third as well.

The mosque, the river, and the fields - these were the landmarks in our life. Once he shouted up at the boy perched on the very summit of the date palm who had begun hacking at a clump with his long, sharp sickle: Women, and from the way my grandfather pronounced the word I felt that women was something terrible.

Masood had told everyone to be careful not to cut the heart of the palm. I felt, though, that he did not really want my grandfather to attend.A Handful of Dates. Tayeb Salih’s “A Handful of Dates” is a short story with the theme “a rise in social class often results in losing touch with one’s humanity” ; universally known as “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (John Dalberg-Acton).

The author ingeniously utilized the ruthlessness and the hypocritical nature of the antagonist (the grandfather), in a manner that would.

Sometimes his attention would be caught by the sound of a huge clump of dates crashing down from on high. Once he shouted up at the boy perched on the very summit of the date palm who had begun hacking at a clump with his long, sharp sickle: Be careful you don't cut the heart of the palm.

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A seminar on Tayeb Salih's "A Handful of Dates" by Jayna Joachim and Jonathan Reyes. The short story A Handful of Dates, by Tayeb Salih uses many different themes and literary techniques to tell a story of an innocent young boy discovering life's hardships.

The story begins with three introductory paragraphs which contain background information about the grandfather, and a boy from whose perspective the reader receives the story. Summary: A Handful of Dates is a story of the author Tayeb Salih himself, as a young Muslim boy, who lives with his parents and grandfather near the River Nile in North Africa%(3).

Summary of a handful of dates
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