The hydro sphere

Today, this stretching may continue and explain why one of the largest earthquakes in recent years occurred near that point on 26 Decembercausing a tsunami that killed overpeople.

The equatorial bulge did not stay tipped, as shown in Dfor long. No one has developed an explanation of why the The hydro sphere reversals take place. This glass sphere is it solid glass or is it vacuumed hollow sphere? Subsonic-Supersonic Transition at Edge of Hydroplate.

These two predictions were jointly made on April 30, with the late Robert S. These problems do not overthrow the theory until a new theory comes along that can explain all that the old theory did plus the anomalies.

Therefore, if the frequency of these magnetic reversals and the speed at which the sea floor spreads were known, the age of the sea floor could be calculated. However, due to the complexity of the tower, they were unable to piece it back together.

Just before the rupture, the strain energy in the crust would have been about 1. This bulge, exaggerated above, is produced by centrifugal forces acting to deform every particle inside the Earth.

Therefore, SCW cannot boil. Glass bead with one way reflective coating on the inner surface to ensure light is fully utilised.

The ratio of oxygen to oxygen in chert indicates that the water temperatures were once as high as degrees C. Water Flowing from under a Hydroplate. Furthermore, the polar nature of water molecules gives liquid water unusually high surface energy.

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According to the hydroplate theory, fracture zones are tension cracks formed when the ridge suddenly rose and was stretched parallel to the ridge axis. Most evaporation comes from the oceans and is returned to the earth as snow or rain. D The more the black mountain rolled the Earth, the more the bulge tilted and the greater its force Hb became.

Unseen were microscopic droplets of liquid floating throughout the dense vapor. That blue force is equivalent to the combined forces Hm and Vm red arrows.

If the ball is spun with the lead-filled holes not at the equator, the spin axis does not change as the ball quickly rotates so the lead is at the equator. The plate became concave downward. Both the plate tectonic theory and the hydroplate theory claim that plates have moved over the globe.

This paper is enlightening, because it shows some understanding of these magnetic anomalies and even localized reversals before the plate-tectonic interpretation was given to the anomalies.

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The North American plate probably overrode that segment of the ridge at the end of the continental-drift phase.

Its time-announcing function was further fulfilled visually and audibly by the performances of numerous jacks mounted on the eight superimposed wheels of a time-keeping shaft and appearing at windows in the pagoda-like structure at the front of the tower. The magnetic intensity above black smokers slowly increases because the rock below, fractured since the flood a few thousand years ago, is cooling.

When stocking Lake Titicaca with trout inofficials noticed the presence of Orestias, a genus of killifish. On 7 AprilI contacted Lawrence G. The heavens move without ceasing but so also does water flow and fall. A number of dating methods have been developed on the basis of ice flow models, and analyses of isotopes, volcanic debris and continental dust in ice cores.

See Endnote 5 on page Meyerhoff and Howard A.A well-known novelty item, the lava lamp, demonstrates some aspects of this. A lava lamp is a vertical, transparent tube containing two brightly colored liquids with slightly different densities.

I have proposed a one-way mirror glass sphere to be used as stationary sun-tracking solar energy collector. As the solar rays enter the sphere, they will arrive at the thermocouple or high-efficiency photoelectric cell positioned in the center.

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The hydro sphere
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