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Wealthy, fashionable people went there to " take the waters ", which were believed to have healing properties. Lydia, however, is furious that Absolute deceived her. Although reluctant to return, and perhaps incapable of returning, to the cynicism of Restoration comedy, Sheridan was anxious to rescue the healthy psychological realism traditional not only to English comedy but also, ever since Geoffrey Chaucer, The rivals essays English literature generally.

He has arranged a marriage for Jack, but Jack demurs, saying he is in love already. Faulkland tells Julia that he must flee England, suggesting that he killed someone in a duel. Malaprop by loudly professing her eternal devotion to "Beverley" while rejecting "Jack Absolute".

Captain Absolute goes to visit Mrs. The Novelty Theatre had a few other names but was demolished in as Kingsway Theatre. Finally, he realizes his secret is bound to be discovered.

She is very impressed with his appearance and gallantry, and he flatters her. She runs off sobbing. Later, Sir Anthony arrives to visit Mrs. Malaprop has only actually met Beverley, insists that Beverley is also charming.

The entire section is words. Lydia, who reads a lot of popular novels of the time, wants a purely romantic love affair. Sir Anthony urges Absolute to speak, but he claims that he is too overcome with nervousness to do so.

But he intends to marry her only under all proper auspices. Fag teasingly tells Thomas that he no longer works for the younger Absolute; his new master is Ensign Beverley. Thus he ridicules their sentiments.

Sir Lucius mentions the possibility that Acres will be killed, and Acres begins to lose courage. There are of course some sentimental and over sentimental scenes in The Rivals, but they are actually parody of sentimentality.

Faulkland, to himself, saysthat the duel has given him a new idea for a way to make sure that Julia truly loves him. Malaprop confesses that she is Delia. Faulkland and Absolute approach. Sir Lucius then produces a love letter from Delia and demands whether Lydia wrote it.

Sir Lucius immediately declares that Acres must challenge "Beverley" to a duel and kill him. He explains that Absolute has taken on the identity of an ensign to woo the beautiful, young heiress Lydia Languish. Sir Anthony consoles Mrs. Sir Lucius leaves, Jack arrives, and Acres tells him of his intent.

The Rivals Critical Essays

Acres learns that "Beverley" is actually his friend Jack, and begs off from their duel. Sir Lucius spots him and, giving no explanation, challenges him to a duel. The plot centres on the two young lovers, Lydia and Jack. Lydia is angry at this, but begins to reminisce about the romantic times she and Beverley shared.Sheridan’s ‘The Rivals’ is regarded as an anti-sentimental comedy.

Because it is a comedy packed with wit, laughter, and mirth provoking scenes, while the sentimental comedies move the audience to.

The Rivals: an anti-sentimental comedy Essay Sample

Together with that other masterpiece of late eighteenth century comedy, Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer: Or, The Mistakes of a Night (pr., pb. ), Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals. The The Rivals Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

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“The Rivals” by Richard Brinsley Sheridan is a comic play, and it has no true tragedy in it. So, no matter how it is produced, it is humorous.

Events of Richard Brinsley Sheridan's life, the time period he lived in, and other literature and plays all influenced Sheridan as he wrote The Rivals. His life was a big influence.

Elements of the romance in the plan mirror his romance with Elizabeth Linley.

The rivals essays
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