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In Table 4 the rate at which the mass increases or decreases in the five different solutions is shown. How does the concentration of salt NaCl affect the mass of a potato soaked in water H2O with different concentrations of NaCl over the course of 30 minutes? The size of the potato pieces needs to be the same in order for the surface to volume ratio to be the same and the initial weight of the pieces should also be the same so that the mass change can be compared.

Potato in different concentrations of NaCl Introduction: On the contrary, when the mass change is a negative number, this means that the mass decreased from the initial mass that was first measured before it was submerged in the solution. Rate at which the mass increases or decreases. Secondly, the sizes the potatoes were chopped in were not exactly the same because more attention was given to having the same mass and thus neglecting the size which leads to different surface to volume ratio and affects the results.

Stir the solutions using the spatula in order for the salt to dissolve. Lastly, from the first graph it can be estimated that at concentration 4.

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Potato in different concentrations of NaCl Tutor: Also, time wise, the more the plant specimen soaks in the solutions the more its mass will relatively increase or decrease.

Measure each one of the 10 pieces and in order to equalize their mass chop, or scrape off some of the piece if needed. This is calculated by dividing the absolute average mass change of each solution shown in Table 3 and dividing it by the maximum time used in the experiment, which is 35min.

Lastly, the volume of the water solutions should be the same in all beakers so that the osmotic effect will only depend on the concentration dissolved in the solution.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? If we submerge Water lab report hl bio ib plant in water with no NaCl dissolved in it, the mass of the plant will increase, because water molecules will move from the low concentration solute to the high, thus entering the plant tissue and increasing its mass and weight.

Record the initial mass of the potato pieces and place 2 potatoes in each beaker. In order to improve the results of this experiment, it is necessary that some changes be made. After observing the changes in the mass of the potato pieces we can tell that the higher the concentration of salt in the water, the more the mass of plants will decrease because of osmosis.

Line up the five beakers and with the help of a volumetric cylinder add cm3 of water H2O in all of them. Rate at which the mass in each solution increases or decreases Conclusion: Firstly, a tool should be found that will allow potato pieces to be chopped in the same size so that the surface to volume ratio will be the same and not change, thus affecting the results.

Lastly, more repetitions, at least 3, need to be made so that the results are more precise.Lab Report Lung Capacity Ib Biology Hl Words | 8 Pages Safety Precautions In order to take precautions in the lab I used a lab coat to prevent getting wet.

Finally, the pieces that will be placed in water (NaCl concentration 0) will gain weight. This is expected because of the phenomenon of osmosis which. Ib biology lab_report_sample 1. IB1 Biology SLPetra SmithSeptember 17th / 19th, Will increasing the salinity of the surrounding solution (hypertonic to the cells’ content) decrease the mass of the potato slide?

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