Water resource research papers

The journal is aimed to economists, natural scientists and engineers. Water Resources and Economics aims to contribute to the development of advanced integrated hydro-economic modeling at river basin, national and international scale, water resources valuation, the design and evaluation of water policy instruments, including water markets, and the economics of public water supply, sanitation and waste water treatment in developed and developing regions.

All manuscripts must highlight their novel features and explain the significance of the work relative to related studies in their field as well as the likely impact on relevant water communities in industry, government or academia. Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions affecting the use of water resources, be it water extraction And it welcomes inter- Water resource research papers multidisciplinary work contributing to any of the above developments that is likely to be of interest to the broad community that the Journal addresses.

Manuscripts should be written to be accessible to scientists and engineers in all disciplines associated with the Journal. Specific guidance for some areas of our scope is given below: Papers dealing only with analysis, analytical method development or that simply report measured concentrations of target analytes for example, occurrence and effluent concentrations of novel pollutant classes will not be considered for publication.

Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions affecting the use of water resources, be it water extraction, pollution or allocation, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry and urban water supply as well as between local, regional and transboundary river basins.

Water Resources and Economics

These guidelines will be used by our Associate editors and reviewers to assess the significance of each submitted manuscript. Developing a fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms integral to technology performance Demonstrating how the practical application of the technology advances the field and improves upon existing treatment options Papers in this area are strongly discouraged from focusing solely on technology demonstrations in model systems with model pollutant targets.

New materials or technologies for water treatment: Rather, they are encouraged to consider performance in complex that is, environmentally relevant systems and performance metrics for example, efficacy across multiple pollutant targets, longevity, regeneration during application, and sustainability assessment most relevant to real world application.

Read more about submissions to this journal Measurement advances and analysis: Papers should deal with the changing value of water in its different uses and the evaluation of economic tradeoffs, aiming for the creation of water resource management strategies that are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable.

Read more For the purpose of sustainable water resources management, the scientific assessment of the multiple connections between water resources and the economy is crucial. Wastewater treatment and resource recovery Water policy and regulation Water, sanitation and hygiene WASH Water-energy nexus The journal places special focus on issues associated with water sustainability, as well as research that may lead to more secure, resilient and reliable water supplies.Read the latest articles of Advances in Water Resources at billsimas.com, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology seeks to showcase high quality research about fundamental science, innovative technologies, and management practices that promote sustainable water.

The journal aims to provide a comprehensive and relevant forum that unites the diverse communities and disciplines conducting water research. Read the latest articles of Water Research at billsimas.com, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.

Water Research Foundation

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T he latest issue of AWR includes features on Legionella, co-digestion, water efficiency, and more.

Water Resources (Engineering)

Learn more > Knowledge Portals. The Knowledge Portals are your window into research from The Water Research. Water Resources Research publishes original research articles and commentaries on hydrology, water resources, and the social sciences of water and that provide a broad understanding of the role of water in Earth’s system.

Presented at: American Society of Civil Engineers Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Planning and Management, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 30–August 2, (included in conference proceedings).

Water resource research papers
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