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They sacrificed their home, life, and soul for this country. Well, let me share with you all that it was between until that the Britishers colonized our Indian subcontinent.

Beforepeople were not so free even they were restricted to have rights on their own body and mind. Wish happy independence day 3. They were hired for the advisory support of the British viceroys who continued to rule across the major parts of India. Today we have freedom in almost all fields such as education, sports, transportation, business, etc just because of the years of struggle of our forefathers.

Independence day is a national holiday however everyone celebrate this from their own places by hosting the flags in schools, offices or society. But, India struggling to control internal enemies. This is where we come into the scene. It was indeed a big moment for all the Indians. Independence day is celebrated all over India with much pleasure.

Mark twain on his travels to India said,"This is indeed India!

Independence Day Speech - How To Write One

People of India had suffered cruel behavior of Britishers for many years. This day is of great importance to all Indian citizens as it gives us opportunity to remember all those freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives just for giving us a beautiful and peaceful life.

Even though we do not bear witness to those times, but we can understand very well the intensity of that crucial time when our country actually gained independence.

We cannot imagine that how the moment was critical at that time. Now, the 72nd Independence Day will be celebrated on August 15th, Remember we are paying homage to the freedom fighters who laid their lives for the independence of our nation.

To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture. Salutation- Address the guests of honour, dignitaries and the audience. We all know the reason of get together here in such a big crowd. Long years ago, great Indian leaders were made a tryst with the destiny to give us a free and peaceful country by sacrificing their comfort of life.

The people living in the Indian subcontinent during that time became the subjects of the British colonial rule under Queen Victoria and subsequently other monarchs who came after her.

Before I finish the speech, let me just state some essential knowledge that every Indian must know. You can also mention your corrections and suggestions too. Indian government is already doing its part by launching new laws and schemes to curb these social menaces. Right to constitutional remedies for enforcement of Fundamental Rights.

Introduction- Give an introduction about how or when we got independence. Today, on 15th Augustwe are celebrating 71st independence day, we salute and honor those great freedom fighters who gave us a chance to live like a free human being. It is great and most significant day for all Indians.

If you can see the visions in your mind and are pumped up with nationalistic feelings then you are going in the right direction. Quotes-Use some famous quotes with regard to independence. They are responsible for handling these issues.

Also there are other issues that need to be addressed such as poverty, illiteracy, corruption and unemployment. Once again wishing you all a happy Independence day.India got its freedom from the British Rule on 15th August, Hence, we celebrate our Independence Day on 15th of August every year.

There is national holiday on Independence Day.

How To Write A Speech For The Occasion Of Independence Day

We all know that Freedom is not free. It took years of efforts, non-violence and other movement by our national freedom fighter to attain Freedom. Jul 03,  · Best 72nd independence day essays with internal issues and others as a theme. plus words 15th August essay, content can be used for article and paragraph writing or speech/5(7).

Independence Day Speech Ideas: Find how to prepare and write a speech on 15th August Indian Independence day for students, children, teachers and more information here. Independence day speech Honourable Chief Guest of the day, distinguished guests for the occasion, teachers, parents.

and all my dear friends, This day 15th August of every year is a golden day engraved in the history of the world. We got freedom on this date and it is a day worth a celebration/5(22).

An independence day speech is a speech that recognises and celebrates a countries date of independence. In the independence day speech, you should speak about how proud you are to be part of your independent country and the positive aspects of. Here we have provided various speech on Independence day of India for the school going kids, children and students.

Professionals can also use these speeches to prepare and deliver a best speech in the offices or other places they.

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Write a speech on independence day
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